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Hi, thanks for dropping by! I'm  a surface pattern designer and illustrator living in the sunny port city of Fremantle, Western Australia.

I make art that's a bit whimsical, with lots of colour and texture, using ink, nib pens, paintbrush and coloured pencil. Food, vintage objects from my childhood and the quirky shapes, colours and patterns found in animals and plants constantly inspire me to draw and paint. My designs have been sold on fabric, bags, homewares, home decor and swimwear. I am also a member of Illustrators for Hire, a group of professional freelancers (click the blue link to check out their website) .

When I'm not making art, I love being near the ocean, walking, seeing live

music and shows at the Summer Arts Festivals in Perth, watching a good

Sci-fi movie, dreaming of my next travel adventure, eating dark chocolate

and having a good laugh whenever possible. 

My work has been featured in:

• The Pattern Observer blog, April 2021

• The UK blog, Print & Pattern, May 2020

• Pattern Pulse - Exploring the art of Australian surface designers, Rachael King, 2020

• Uppercase magazine newsletter, June 2020

• E-magazine, The Digital Cloth, 2020

A photo of Clare Martin painting at a table surrounded by ink bottles and brushes
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